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Monday, 02 December 2013 00:00

What is the relative soul?

What is the ‘relative soul? Let it be said, the part of the soul form that one has ‘believed’ oneself to be, and that part of the soul again not ‘that’ ‘core soul’ but the body (relative) soul believed part, the body and soul believed (projected falsely through the wrong beliefs of past karma) part!
The falsely projected image of what ‘we’ believed ourselves to be in the ‘relative’ is what is manifested today so that ‘projected being’ is our ‘relative soul'. The reason it is called a relative ‘soul’ is because it could not function or exist without the brilliant light of the soul within. What gives the relative self life is the presence of the ‘soul’. However, this relative soul is believed to be ‘real’ by most people due to ignorance and not having the 'realization' of the Pure Soul. So, essentially the relative personality or self is a combination of relative and real (pudgal and chetan).

Saturday, 05 October 2013 00:00

Inner Penance...

To take a beating is inner penance. The actions associated with inner penance are called the ‘beating’. The behavior or actions associated (with inner penance) meaning patience with sincerity, focus with integrity, without any antagonistic resistance with profound martyr-like steadfast bearing power in order to cultivate ‘divine impartial composure’.

These all sound like qualities of a person who is totally sincere and moral from the heart and the mind. Those brave, developed and spiritual ones know how to take the inner beatings due to - wisdom, not ignorance. 'They have the ‘sanskar’ to know, within their spiritual self, that by remaining sincere and moral there will be inner beatings but there is a clarity purity and amazingly graceful freedom in living that is unequalled on the other side. The beating is NOT really a beating but more just grinning and bearing the results (internally) knowing that it is all a RESULT.

Friday, 04 October 2013 00:00

Real knowing purpose

‘I am Pure Soul’ that is our ‘real knowing purpose’! That ‘careful protection of the instinct of pure knowing’ is the ‘final pure profound incessant meditation or reflection’. The ‘the true effort behind the goal of real knowing’ is the ‘ultimate pure profound meditative reflection’.
When ‘we’ begin to experience that ‘sleep’ ‘waking hours’ and any variation of this state of being is a non-issue and only the quest of knowing the ‘real’ takes precedence within our heart, mind, consciousness and entire psyche, the ‘ultimate pure profound meditative reflection’ has been tasted! There is NOTHING... not any temptation that can lure from this GOAL! That is when we can experience the ‘final pure profound incessant meditation or reflection on the ‘Gyani’ in His elemental Pure Soul form! '

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 00:00

The conscious goal of knowing

The conscious goal of knowing means the intention to ‘view-know’, the conscious purpose for the soul (atmabhav). The pure intention for the soul (atma-svabhav) - one’s personal purpose and one’s own pure intention!

How can we ‘view-know’? Only if we are ‘Shuddatma’ i.e. pure soul... how can the known be a knower?! The relative-self can only be the 'known' not the ‘knower-perceiver’.  It makes logical sense.

The entire path for liberation is based on words (language), the ‘Turning Point’ is based only on words. This world is based on words and they are the set-up of the world, the root cause only is words (language).

Without language in any culture, there is no culture. The French have their culture through language as do the Germans, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, and all the other varieties of peoples in the world. Within the language, there are protocols of language that specify ‘class’ of culture and that, too, is based on language. Language, jargon, words, they hold too much power in the world. More so than ‘we’ realize! lf the entire path for liberation is based on words, then it is quite mind-boggling how much power language, jargon, speech and ultimately words hold. It is not just the words but the tone, manner and ultimately, the intent with which they are spoken. The words of the ‘Gyani’ are divine because He has no ownership of these words whatsoever. They are EXACT and PURE because there is no ‘doership’. His words are elemental and raw in their form. They go straight to the heart due to the level of purity. Only He has this power! He has FULLY realized and experienced that the speech is a ‘tape-recorder' that is playing ‘pre-recorded’ tunes by the universal cosmic computer. Furthermore, His purity of intention is a HUGE factor in His ability to impact.

Monday, 30 September 2013 14:57

What is Science?

‘Science’ in any circumstance whatsoever does not ever become ‘partial’ in any way; it is totally ‘immune’ to the relative concepts of good and bad. ‘Science’ means ‘without any illusion, in its pure form’ (as it is). What is science? What ‘is’ in science absolutely ‘is’ and what ‘isn’t’ in science absolutely ‘isn’t’, but that science is not about having the hopes of something being something it is not. What ‘is’ can never be what it ‘is not’ because of expectation or hope that it won’t be. And what ‘is’ with the expectation or hope that it ‘isn’t’ can never be negated. lT ‘lS’ from both aspects. What ‘IS’ only that can be called ‘science’.

So this implies that ‘science’ is neutral and impartial. The elements in their rawest form are neutral and impartial. The rain falls and the sun shines on the world full of good, honest people, business men, women, children, thieves, pimps, child abusers and the like! The rain and the sun don 't ‘think’ that oh... let me not give sun here and only have rain fall on the ‘bad’ ones. It is all EXACT according to the universal cosmic computer’s programming. The results are due to merits or demerits fed into the universal cosmic computer. So, the only way to view/perceive ‘scientifically’ is to do it elementally. When people are seen, within a split fraction of time, the vision of the skin, blood, bones and inner organs should automatically occur. That is 'elemental' vision that leads to being a true spiritual scientist. There are so many layers to the mind, it is important not to get caught in these layers! Then it is JUST a play of intellect and is not pure ‘science’ which is knows/ knowing what IS ‘as it is’ and what is NOT ‘as it is’.

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