(Understanding the Timeless Principle of 'Sufferer is at Fault' revealed by ‘Dada Bhagawan’ for Inspired and Empowered Living)

 - Shaila Mulji, Los Angeles, California, United States


The basic building blocks of holistic inner science consist of intricately understanding our inner and outer worlds. Our inner world is what is going on within our psyche, meaning our mind, intellect, reflective consciousness and ego. And our outer world is how the mind, body, and speech co-exist and interact with everything that is outside that micro-ecosystem of the mind and body. The perpetual challenge is to maintain a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. When the heart-center and mind are at odds, inner turmoil results. It becomes extremely difficult to think with clarity, and we lose valuable insights. We must turn our focus inward to purify the heart center through introspection. When the heart-center and mind are in harmony, we can seamlessly maintain a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. Our hearts are where timeless wisdom resides, which aids us in making intuitively sound decisions. As a result, we are better able to play the roles that are demanded of us in our outer worlds and maintain joy, peace, and harmony in our inner worlds as well.  

Suffering is a choice

As Buddha so eloquently stated, “Pain is inevitable; suffering is a choice.” By understanding correctly, the timeless principle, 'Sufferer is at fault,' revealed by Dada Bhagawan, we can avoid choosing to suffer but rather to grow in our understanding of ourselves and choose healing, growth, and expansion as human beings. When we take one hundred percent responsibility for our own results in life, we begin to understand the timeless principle of 'Sufferer is at fault'. Our life is the result of the choices we have made. Furthermore, we can choose gratitude over complaining, forgiving over blaming, and optimism over pessimism. We can choose to be kind.  The choice is always our own. It becomes much easier to choose what will elevate our existence when we are one hundred percent accountable to ourselves and others.  


A critical aspect of total acceptance of our life is mindfulness. Mindfulness requires us to be present in the moment. When we are present in the moment, one hundred percent acceptance of oneself and others naturally flows as well. Thus, by choosing one hundred percent responsibility, accountability, and acceptance, we begin to practically experience the true benefits of correctly understanding the timeless principle, 'Sufferer is at fault'.

Tossing out the Blame-game

The timeless principle of 'Sufferer is at fault' is not designed to be used for anyone else but for the betterment of our own lives. When we suffer, we must investigate where we have gone wrong.  We essentially toss out the ‘blame game’ forever. By doing this, we free-up tremendous space and energy within us that was previously jammed with the toxic waste of the blame game. By tossing-out the blame game, our attention turns inward, illuminating our own vices, weaknesses, and mistakes that cause us to suffer. When we become aware of these vices, weaknesses, and mistakes, we can take baby steps towards freeing ourselves from them. As we become empowered more and more from within, our creative energy also expands, helping us to turn adversity in our outer worlds into opportunities for growth and expansion as human beings and humanity. Einstein declared, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As our creativity flows, we find different ways of responding to life's challenges that are healing, empowering, and invigorating rather than destructive and draining to our personal power, strength, and quality of life.  

Realm of our personal power

We all seek freedom from worry, anxiety, and fear in a world that is paralyzed and crippled by them. It is critical that we evaluate and research what is in our realm of personal power.  As we come to terms with and fully understand what is in our power and what is not, we find freedom from worry. Our greatest power is our attitude. We choose whether we are going to be grateful, positive, and kind or bitter, negative, and cruel. We choose how we see things; whether we see a problem or an opportunity, obstacle, challenge, foe, or friend.  It is amazing that things become how we see them. If we see something as a fun challenge, it suddenly becomes a fun challenge. If we see a curse as a blessing, it becomes a blessing. It is up to us to see things with practicality and balanced intellect. Our life essentially becomes what we choose to project from within. If we are truly grateful for all that we have in life, our experience of life will reflect that gratitude back to us. More importantly, we can utilize what is in our realm of personal power to combat anxiety and fear. As we take full responsibility for our lives, our ability to respond will increase dramatically to bring peaceful resolution in all areas of our lives.  When we make a firm decision for healing, peace, and serenity, nature will deliver the necessary instruments to help us. Our firm decision will also help us make choices that will help accelerate healing and transformation. Through our decision to heal over suffer, our worries, anxiety, and fear gradually dissipate as our inner world transforms. Our responses in our outer world will come from the center in a balanced, joyful, and meaningful manner.  

An in-depth understanding and application of 'Sufferer is at fault' will eventually give us a much clearer bird's-eye understanding of the fact that we are separate from our circumstances. Circumstances come and go and, thus, are temporary in nature.  We continue to exist despite changing circumstances. As this becomes more a part of the wisdom of experience in our heart-center, we will begin to keep our focus on ourselves instead of watching what everyone else is doing. With the understanding of our personal power, and with the fact that circumstances and other people's behavior are primarily beyond our personal power, we gradually let go of the desire or need to control anyone or anything.

Enlightened Self-interest

It is important to understand what we can do to practice acceptance for mindful, present living. We can make it a point to dedicate time to express gratitude from within for everything that we have in our lives. We can acknowledge everything, from the things we take for granted to the big things. We can actively send positive thoughts, wishes, and energy to those who are suffering or hurting. We can actively draw boundaries for ourselves in order to maintain the integrity of our mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, and spiritual health.  It is not selfish or narcissistic to live according to what is in our highest self-interest. More importantly, we can learn to mind our own business. By understanding and slowly realizing there is no benefit to us or anyone else by holding judgments, forming opinions, or even proving ourselves right in most cases, we not only stop doing it but also free up energy to engage in more empowering and inspiring activities, whether internal or external.

Through our in-depth understanding and application of 'Sufferer is at fault'; we are making a conscious commitment to cultivate virtues. There are several ways we can actively take steps to cultivate virtues such as journaling; opening out our vices, weaknesses, and fears to trusted guides, friends, and family; and setting aside time for daily self-assessment as a priority in our lives. It is important to set achievable micro-goals so that they are achievable. We also stay focused on integrity and quality rather than end up with shoddy results.
In summary, it is well worth our time to understand 'Sufferer is at fault' in depth in order to better the quality of our lives. We will discover the treasure chest of virtues within; experience increased growth and expansion in our humanity; and enjoy increased efficiency, joy, and peace along with the sweetness of whole-hearted acceptance. Most importantly, we will make active progress towards the goal of being one hundred percent human.

(Edited by – Aseem Bharat Mulji, Oakland, California, United States)

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What is the ‘relative soul? Let it be said, the part of the soul form that one has ‘believed’ oneself to be, and that part of the soul again not ‘that’ ‘core soul’ but the body (relative) soul believed part, the body and soul believed (projected falsely through the wrong beliefs of past karma) part!
The falsely projected image of what ‘we’ believed ourselves to be in the ‘relative’ is what is manifested today so that ‘projected being’ is our ‘relative soul'. The reason it is called a relative ‘soul’ is because it could not function or exist without the brilliant light of the soul within. What gives the relative self life is the presence of the ‘soul’. However, this relative soul is believed to be ‘real’ by most people due to ignorance and not having the 'realization' of the Pure Soul. So, essentially the relative personality or self is a combination of relative and real (pudgal and chetan).

The essence of human life lies in realizing the ‘self-hood’ and remaining in that state all the time.

One who knows the self has the divine knowledge of the soul (Atmagnani) but one who knows all essential principles (tattva) is omniscient (sarvagna).

You get resources depending on your ‘beliefs’. Once you believe in ‘the self’ there is only one resource for its ‘real knowledge’. ‘The man of self-realization’ soul will get manifested by the resource of visualization of the self-realized man.

Once you know ‘the ego is harmful’ things will automatically improve. The ego is not worth pampering.

The world is governed by Scientific Circumstantial Evidences and it's judgement is in the hands of Natural Laws.

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