You get resources depending on your ‘beliefs’. Once you believe in ‘the self’ there is only one resource for its ‘real knowledge’. ‘The man of self-realization’ soul will get manifested by the resource of visualization of the self-realized man.

The world is not meaningless; the only thing required is to make it serve our purpose because there is divinity within all of us who are engaged in diverse activities. The best way therefore is not to dislike anybody.

The world is governed by Scientific Circumstantial Evidences and it's judgement is in the hands of Natural Laws.

Once you know ‘the ego is harmful’ things will automatically improve. The ego is not worth pampering.

To take a beating is inner penance. The actions associated with inner penance are called the ‘beating’. The behavior or actions associated (with inner penance) meaning patience with sincerity, focus with integrity, without any antagonistic resistance with profound martyr-like steadfast bearing power in order to cultivate ‘divine impartial composure’.

These all sound like qualities of a person who is totally sincere and moral from the heart and the mind. Those brave, developed and spiritual ones know how to take the inner beatings due to - wisdom, not ignorance. 'They have the ‘sanskar’ to know, within their spiritual self, that by remaining sincere and moral there will be inner beatings but there is a clarity purity and amazingly graceful freedom in living that is unequalled on the other side. The beating is NOT really a beating but more just grinning and bearing the results (internally) knowing that it is all a RESULT.

‘I am Pure Soul’ that is our ‘real knowing purpose’! That ‘careful protection of the instinct of pure knowing’ is the ‘final pure profound incessant meditation or reflection’. The ‘the true effort behind the goal of real knowing’ is the ‘ultimate pure profound meditative reflection’.
When ‘we’ begin to experience that ‘sleep’ ‘waking hours’ and any variation of this state of being is a non-issue and only the quest of knowing the ‘real’ takes precedence within our heart, mind, consciousness and entire psyche, the ‘ultimate pure profound meditative reflection’ has been tasted! There is NOTHING... not any temptation that can lure from this GOAL! That is when we can experience the ‘final pure profound incessant meditation or reflection on the ‘Gyani’ in His elemental Pure Soul form! '

The conscious goal of knowing means the intention to ‘view-know’, the conscious purpose for the soul (atmabhav). The pure intention for the soul (atma-svabhav) - one’s personal purpose and one’s own pure intention!

How can we ‘view-know’? Only if we are ‘Shuddatma’ i.e. pure soul... how can the known be a knower?! The relative-self can only be the 'known' not the ‘knower-perceiver’.  It makes logical sense.

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Title song:  Ye Vishwa me Sukh aur Shanti ho
(ये विश्व में सुख और शान्ति हो)
Lyric, Music:  Kaviraj Navaneet Sanghavi
कविराज नवनीत संघवी
Singer:  Kaviraj Navneet Sanghavi & Chorus
कविराज नवनीत संघवी व साथी

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