What is Holistic Science of Life & Living?

Life's highest aim can be realized only when it is understood comprehensively. The worldly life should be accepted not only in its outer aspects but also in its inner aspects. It is the purpose of the holistic science to combine all available knowledge from humanities, science, technology, philosophy, religion and spirituality to develop new approaches to solve age-old problems of our lives so that we may live harmoniously with one another and recognize,cherish and sustain the natural treasures.

Scientific and technological development needs to be blended with moral values and spiritual aspects to benefit the entire world. Holistic Science includes the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social aspects of life and living. Holistic Science provides practical guidelines for an integral approach to health, wealth, prosperity and peace for all. This will bring all human beings harmoniously together as a flourishing global family.

Holistic Science Research Center

Maha Videh Teerth Dham Complex,
Kamrej, Surat 394 185

  • Contact: +91 2621 250750

Title song:  Ye Vishwa me Sukh aur Shanti ho
(ये विश्व में सुख और शान्ति हो)
Lyric, Music:  Kaviraj Navaneet Sanghavi
कविराज नवनीत संघवी
Singer:  Kaviraj Navneet Sanghavi & Chorus
कविराज नवनीत संघवी व साथी

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