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An Introduction to Holistic Science
(Akram Vigyan-Vitarag Vigyan)
As Revealed by Dada Bhagwan
Edited by
Compiled, Edited & Translated by
Dr. P. C. Parikh

In present time, it is very difficult to maintain harmony between mind, speech and body. Due to this, most of the human beings have lost their inner happiness and peace. Their way of Life and Living is completely changed. In this Adverse Time "Akram Vigyan" (Holistic Science) of Dada Bhagwan (Shri A.M. Patel, 1908-1988) gives all possible solutions of the problems, questions, puzzles of the life. In this Context this book "An Introduction to Holistic Science (Akram Vigyan-Vitarag Vigyan) As Revealed by Dada Bhagwan" by Dr. P. C. Parikh opens the secrets of Holistic Science. It fulfils Dada Bhagwan’s noble dream of sharing and propagating the ever-lasting benefits of personal peace and inner happiness of this Holistic Science amongst those people seeking tranquility in the trials and tribulation of life, anywhere in the world; without any distinction based on race, creed or religion.

24 July 2013 By In Book Review

Book Review
Holistic Science of Human Life and Nature
As Revealed by DADA BHAGWAN
authored by
Dr. P. C. Parikh

Among all living things, human life is very special and precious in the creation. Now a days, human being has lost his real happiness due to lack of proper understanding. For all those who wish to understand the true dynamics of interdependence between the human life and the nature and lead happy and harmonious living, Akram Vigyan (Holistic Science) revealed by Dada Bhagwan (Late A. M. Patel, 1908-1988) gives a concrete solution, which helps to maintain peace and harmony without any disturbances in this hard and adverse time. In this book "Holistic Science of Human Life and Nature" Revealed by H.D.H Shree Kanudadaji", edited by Dr. P. C. Parikh, elucidates the Holistic Science or Akram Vigyan is like drinking nectar for leading a stress and hassle free life and conformity with the nature. The narration is very lucid and simple and covers the different facets of human life and nature. Holistic Science (Akram Vigyan) explores the science of “Self” and ‘Circumstances’- inner and outer along with Natural Regulatory Mechanism of every happening of the Universe.

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Title song:  Ye Vishwa me Sukh aur Shanti ho
(ये विश्व में सुख और शान्ति हो)
Lyric, Music:  Kaviraj Navaneet Sanghavi
कविराज नवनीत संघवी
Singer:  Kaviraj Navneet Sanghavi & Chorus
कविराज नवनीत संघवी व साथी

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