Information has become a vital source for world and is certainly the basic component of education. It is vital element to technology and scientific change and poses several challenges to individual in all walks of life. Thus information is the first step to gaining knowledge and library is a key place in the new information age of modern society. It serves as a central workshop where patrons can develop reading habit and Faculties can supplement the curricular needs of users, and pursue action research.

The library of Holistic Science Research Center, Surat is the heart of the Institute and it started beating from day one of Institute' s existence on April 27, 2009. It caters to the intellectual needs of users. While books are the heart of our collection we also have audio visuals of Dialogue sessions of seekers with Atma Gnani Purush Dada Bhagawan and Gnani Purush  Shri  Kanudadaji.


  • Periodical and Newspaper
  • Reprography Services
  • Surfacing of Internet through Wi-fi and LAN connection
  • Reading Room facilities


  1. Text Books
  • All collection of Dada Bhagwan's book in Hindi, English & Gujarti 
  • Hinduism
  • Jainism
  • Buddhism
  • Islamic
  • Christianity
  • Philosophy
  • Atlas and Map etc..
  1. Reference Books
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Gujarati Vishwakosh
  • Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
  • Encyclopaedia of Indian Philosophy
  • Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics
  • Sacred Books of the East
  • Encyclopaedia of Jain Religion
  • Jainendra Siddhant Kosh
  • Encyclopaedia of Hinduism
  • Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology
  • Shree Abidhan Rajendra Kosha
  • Bhagwat Gomandal
  1. Dictionaries

Holistic Science Research Center

Maha Videh Teerth Dham Complex,
Kamrej, Surat 394 185

  • Contact: +91 2621 250750

Title song:  Ye Vishwa me Sukh aur Shanti ho
(ये विश्व में सुख और शान्ति हो)
Lyric, Music:  Kaviraj Navaneet Sanghavi
कविराज नवनीत संघवी
Singer:  Kaviraj Navneet Sanghavi & Chorus
कविराज नवनीत संघवी व साथी

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